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Other options available

Safe Money Options

There are many companies offering different incentives based on the amount of years and money put into the product.  The companies i work with offer the best options out there and we can find the one to meet your specific needs(growth, income for life, long term care..etc).  Let me do the leg work for you and i can bring you the top proposals out there!  These are SAFE money products where you can NEVER lose any money compared to a 401K or with any money market!  These products will beat what most BANKS can even offer.  Request a free illustration with no commitment necessary.

Chronic Illness Plans

These plans are first diagnosis plans meaning if you are diagnosed with an illness outlined in your plan, you will be paid the benefit amount after claim is filed.  These can be for cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Long Term and Short Term Care Plans

These plans help offset costs associated with a stay in a long term care setting.  With the rise in costs for traditional long term care, people have searched for alternatives.  One would be the short term care option which can cover up to 360 days of care.  Another alternative is the Hybrid Life Insurance.  

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